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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Tonight the 4 of us were watching a show and a couple of guys were doing a cool fist bump/handshake kind of thing.  I said "that's cool..we need a thing like that."  Jonah speaks up and says "we have a thing, our thing is to make you happy!" Oh how that made my heart smile!  I am so lucky to live in a house full of guys who treat me pretty darn close to the way that a Princess (like I like to think I am) should be treated!! Love you guys!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas fun with the Plummer's and the Deitch's!

We were lucky enough to get to celebrate the Holidays with both sides of the family this year.   On the weekend before Christmas we traveled to Cedar Falls and had a fun weekend with all of the Plummer's at Steve and JEnny's house.  The boys had great fun making a funny video with their Aunts using a laughing dog that someone was lucky enough to get in the White Elephant gift exchange!  I am sure they will be talking about that for years to come--as well as the "fake" Dennis we created since he was unable to join us!

On Christmas Day we hosted the Deitch family gathering at our house.  We had a huge meal and then the cousins exchanged gifts, Jonah got an ISU shirt from Bode and Jensen got a cool racecar from Brystol.  Dala brought new puppy Dallas so we all had fun playing with that adorable puppy!  Uncle Steve and AUnt Joyce got the boys gift cards to their favorite restraunts--Applebees and Buffalo Wild WIngs--what a great gift!!  It was a beautiful day filled with love and SNOW!!  Jeff took all the kids sledding and then you came back to enjoy hot chocolate!