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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Jonah loves the board game Life so he was happy to have 4 cousins who said they would play it with him.  They all were pretty excited about playing...cut to about 10 minutes later they decided it would be a lot easier and quicker to play it on the I pad.  So much for a good old fashioned board game night!!!  Sometimes I hate technology.  Either way they had fun and that is all that matters!  ;-)

Thursday, June 21, 2012


 The Plummer reunion was held this year in S. Louis at Dennis and Carolyn's home and oh what fun we had!!  I feel so blessed to be part of such and amazing family!  Dale and Marge would be so proud of what they have created!  We had plenty of fun in the pool and had squirt gun fights, basketball, cooking out and just being together.  Thanks to Dennis for the perfect weekend!

       Miss Zoey enjoyed her pool time tremendously and looked quite fashionable while she was at it!!

 Jonah and Kerry having a water war -- AND JONAH IS DOWN!!!  Way to go Kerry--he so deserved it!

Some basketball--Uncle Hank and ANdy still have it!!

What cute guys !!

The Flamingos greeted Rita at the front entrance!!  This has now caused a flamingo war on facebook... 

I think Aunt Rita has been outgrown!

The lovely Kohler bunch

They were never such devoted sisters...imagine me singing...lalala

A little time at the zoo, Jonah was on the search for a giraffe and sadly didn't get to see one  ;-(

Family dinner at Maggiano's--Yummo

Jonah and Tracy

Kerry, Jonah and Robyn--Such pretty girls!!

Family is the best.....

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fishing weekend

On Memorial day weekend the 3 boys went with Uncle Hank to his cabin in Minnesota.  They had a blast reeling in catch after catch.  I believe they caught 43 fish Saturday and 55 on Sunday.  Look at this beauty Jensen caught!!  It was the biggest catch by any of them that weekend~way To go Jensen!!

Jonah caught a pretty fat one himself!!!  What a nice bass!

The Kohler cabin-their home for the weekend

They had such a fun time, but were ready to be back in comfy beds and a refreshing shower!  3 days of no indoor plumbing might have been a little much for theses city slickers.  Tony said they did great and had a special trip thanks to Uncle Hank!  One of the hightligjhts had to be Uncle Hank and the little debbie oatmeal pie that was dropped in a minnow bucket and eaten anyway!!  Gotta Love  a good snack cake with a hint a fish!!! 

Tony said he thought Jensen might have had a fishing hangover, the morning after they got back, Jensen managed to come downstairs and made it as far as the couch before falling back asleep within 5 minutes! Fishing and catching all those fish must have been exhausting!!!

Thanks Uncle Hank!!   

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Riding Haley and Dawson's dirt bike looked like a ton of fun at Aunt Joyce and Uncle Steve's!  They have it in their blood!  Jensen had ridden earlier and was suffering the after effects of a sunburn from the day before so i wasn't able to get any photos of him riding, but everyone said he did awesome!  Hailey looks so awesome in all her gear and seems to have found a new passion!!  Lots of fun riding and hanging out at the Deitch acreage!!