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Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's a 5?

Jonah decided he wanted to buzz most of his hair, and he has long hair since he was about in the 2nd grade, I have always liked it long and was a little hesitant to let him go for it. But w figured if it looked bad, it would grow back.  So today we went into Sports Clips and told the girl kind of what we were thinking.  She asked us if we wanted her to use the 5 or the 6~ Jonah and I looked at each other and had to ask what she meant.  She said those were the clipper lengths.  I then had to tell her that he had never had a haircut with clippers and she said "Never" and we replied "No Never".  So she proceeded to buzz off ALOT of hair and I must admit I got a little sad.  I have always loved Jonah's long hair, but I must admit he looks so handsome with his "new" do!

Just for reference here is a photo that was taken during basketball season...
short hair or long hair--I LOVE THIS BOY!! 


  1. I think he looks a lot more like Tony with his new haircut....very handsome!

  2. His new haircut makes him look so grown up!