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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Just back from a great family vacation to Colorado!  What a perfect week it was to leave Iowa as they were having a heat wave wtih heat indexes of over 110!  It was warm in Colorado, but not so humid and perfectly lovely!!  We spent our first 3 days in Colorado Springs. Day 1 we went to the Royal Gorge.

We walked across the bridge and on the other side there was a mini wildlife area.
Tony stayed on one side of the bridge and the kids and I walked to the other and he took our photo from FAR away!

Jonah and Tony took the tram down to the bottom of the canyon...
Jensen and I sat and enjoyed a cool beverage and watched the hummingbirds...
The Royal Gorge was quite the site to see and we all enjoyed it.We ended the day by meeting our nephew Michael for dinner, he lives in Colorado Springs and suggested The Elephant Bar.  It was really good , but even better was getting to spend time with Mike just visiting .  I was so mad I didn't get a group photo of us and Mike, however I am sure that the boys didn't mind having to get one less photo taken!

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