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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sweet Child of Mine

Today is my baby's 12th birthday!  Happy Birthday Jensen Matthew!!!  We are so blessed to have you in our family, you bring us so much joy and I love you so much.  Hard to believe 12 years have passed since you were born.  You have kept us on our toes from the first moment!!  You were such a busy little baby and constantly made us laugh or frustrated us with your orneryness.  There is never a dull moment with you around and I wouldn't have it any other way!  Today I celebrate YOU and all that you are!  Here are 12 things I love about you....

1.  Your sweet smile and freckles, not sure there has ever been a sweeter face!

2. You can't wait for a good snowstorm and getting to go out at 6am and snowblow and play in the snow.

3.  you have an appreciation for nature and all things that surround us that some people take for granted.  I love how you point out a cool sunset or when we were in Colorado you enjoyed all the beauty of the Mountains.

4.  You LOVE your dog Dodger and treat him just like a little baby, I so enjoy listening to you talk to him in your "baby" voice. You and Jonah always fight over who gets to sleep with him at night!

5.  Family is very important to you and you enjoy being around your extended family.

6.  I Love how you still ask to go upstairs at night for 1 on 1 quality snuggle time.

7.  It's so cute how you are always on You Tube and finding somet video that you find funny and insist that I watch it , and then we gigggle when we watch it together. 

8.  In the mornings you ALWAYS hop right out of bed with a smile and a great attitude~ I find this ironic because as a baby you never woke up happy or smiling!!

9.  You are always willing to go on a walk with me when I ask you--company always makes a walk more fun!

10.  You really like to make brownies and hot chocolate and not just any hot chocolate~ you put on whip cram and drizzle it with caramel!  Your wife someday will love this!

11.  I think it is really cool how your cousin Dawson is 1 of your best friends--you will always have each other and that is so special!

12. I love how you have a tender heart and feel sad when you hear about someone with a hardship or another problem,  you have a way of knowing how things can affect someone and care how they would feel. 

You are such a good kid and are so loving Jensen!  I know as you grow up you won't be as open to hug your mom , but for now I will take all I can get!  Happy birthday to a boy that I am so proud to call my son~you are loved more than you could possibly know! 

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