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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cancun~part Dos

Dinner each night was so good-it was neat to choose which of the 7 different restraunts we wanted to go to each evening.  Above is a yummy appetizer of crab quiche.  Everything was always presented to pretty!

During the day we just lounged by the pool or the beach and drank yummo slushy drinks!

I read trashy magazines and this good book. Tony read an entire book as well on our trip~I was so proud of him!!  What a good reader he is !!!

                                                            This was my lunch 1 day--pretty fancy for a lunch huh!!
This guy was making these amazing pictures by using only spray paint--they were so cool!

One of my favorite dinners was at the Japanese place--it was sooo good!

The 4 of us at the Hibachi grill

1 day we went for a walk at sunset down the beach--didn't go quite as far to check out the nude beach like Steve and JEnnie did the day before.  Didn't feel the need to see that!

We decided to go take a look at one fo the other Secrets resorts about 20 minutes south of where we were staying.  It is the Meroma and it was AWESOME!!  This was taken from the balcony of 1 of the suites.  What a view is all I can say!

Let's just say that it wouldn't take any arm twisting to get me to stay at this place!

drinking water---WHAT?!?! 

How cute are they?  They had these awesome loungey bed things all around the outside bar--we hung out there most evenings after watching the cheesey shows that "entertained" us each night.

Skimpy costumes and the guys were soooo entertaining! They totally had Jennie and I in stitches! !

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