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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A beautiful bride and a beautiful day!

My cousin Tom's daughter Brittany got married yesterday in their backyard, she made a beautiful bride and had such a nice wedding.  It couldn't have been a more perfect day!  Congratulations to Brittany and Brandon-her is to many laughter and love filled years ahead!!

The bride and groom

Some of the decor on the tables were mason jars with family and friends wedding photos inside--here is Aunt Dee holding hers.  What an awesome idea!!  

Here is mom and dads!

 Love this one of the father-daughter dance with  Kathy the  mother of the bride looking on!

Kathy dancing with her 2 boys during the mother-son dance!

The boys had enough wedding fun at this time and decided it was time for some ball!

Shell still has it!!

Big Sexy Dawson took this photo--great job bud!

Nice photo bomb JENSEN!!!

Me and my boys

Robert and Dawson


I guess to get a smiling photo of mom , you have to get her off guard!  :-)

Me and my Aunty Kay

Brystol was injured during football and a timeout had to be called for some snuggling

They had an area set up to take silly photos--so cute!

The little boys decided to take Jensen on a wagon ride after he had taken them on one--love it!

There's nothing quite as special as a family wedding!!

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