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Friday, August 26, 2011

Remembering SUMMER!!!

School has begun so I guess that unofficially means that summer is over... :-(  BOO!!  We were so lucky to have Jacob and Jordan spend a week with us without their parents this summer!  The twins are so much fun to have around and remind me so much of the wonderful summers that we used to spend with Preston when he was a little kid!  Oh the fun memories we made.  We tried to pack as much into that week as we could!

A must is always Adventureland!  It was a lot of fun, and those kids aren't afraid of much of anything!
The whole gang!!

The silly silo~ I got sick just watching them!!  I think they went 3 times in a row!!

Mr. Brystol on the Frog !!

Bode~what a cute little skin head!!
All the boys on the Ferris Wheel
 It was a  fun day, but man we were exhausted by the end of the day!!

One lazy day the kids decided we needed a fire pit, so they did some research online and decided Home Depot had teh best (cheapest) one.  Off to buy a fire pit!!  Hailey put it together~what a girl!!!!

They couldn't wait until it was dark enough to start a fire!! Man those Deitch kids LOVE fire!!!

And you can't have a fire without SMORES!!!

Crazy boys!

One rainy day we went bowling.

Jonah loves his cousin Jordan!
There were air soft gun wars...

 Lots of sleepovers...

And just lots of cousin bonding time!!!

How we LOVE our Texas cousins and look forward to next summer!

Part 2 tomorrow!!!! 

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