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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time with the twins

While Jacob and Jordan were here, Grandma came up and we all went on a trip to Boone to ride the Boone Scenic Railway. It was a very pretty ride, but the kids were less than impressed  :-(

We had fun none the less!!  Kiddos are goofy!

Photo time with Grammie--we all know how she loves getting her picture taken!!  Open your eyes woman!!

We were missing Hailey who was away at camp.  Poor Jordan had to put up with those 4 guys all alone!!  After the train ride we went into town and had a late lunch at the Gigglin' Goat.  That night we were all tired an had one last sleepover before we made the trip to Oklahoma City to take the twins back to meet their mom and dad.

Grammie, Jensen, Jacob , Jordan and myself got up early the next morning to say goodbyes and headed down to the heat in Oklahoma.  At times on the road it said it was 110 degrees!!  Woo boy it was warm!  The kids had fun on the ride down and spent alot of time giggling and playing the fishing game on their I-pods.  We got to our hotel about 430 and were pulling in at the same exact time as Bruce and Reen--how's that for timing!!  Bruce took us out to dinner at Mickey Mantle's Restraunt and it was AMAZING!  Probably the best meal I have ever had.  The downtown area is on a riverwalk with all kinds of shops and restraunts, just an awesome place.  We had a lot of fun!
Here are some of the group in front of the restraunt. We were waiting to take our horse drawn carriage ride!!

Jordan, Jacob and Jensen with their new friend!
Reen with the kiddos

On our ride!

Checking out the riverwalk and headed for the Candy store!

We headed back to the hotel for visiting until way late into the night and the next morning had a great breakfast at the hotel and headed back to Iowa.  The ride back was a little quieter without the twins and not nearly as fun!

Thanks Bruce and Reen for the wonderful weekend and more importantly for sharing your kids with us!  We love spending quality time with them so much!   Thanks to Grammie for making the trip with us and for the love of family that she has given to all of us Deitch's!!

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