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Monday, September 5, 2011

White Water Adventure

While on our Colorado Vacation we spent 1 day on the Arkansas River white water rafting!  It was a full day trip and one that we will never forget!!  It was so much fun and I was very proud of me and my boys for stepping out of our comfort zone and trying something adventureous!  A lot of the trip on the Brown Canyon Express portion of the river was very relaxing---and then there were some areas that were very exhilerating!  The water was only like 58 degress, so it was a little chilly but the wetsuits were great to keep you warm.  We stopped for lunch half way down the river and the guides made us chicken fajitas for lunch--I was very impressed by the work that they went to to feed us all.   There were 30 people on our trip . People of all ages.Tony and I got stuck in the front of the raft and therefore got the brunt of the rapids in our faces on big splashes. A few times the rapids almost smacked me out of the raft but I held tight!!  We all had a blast and I am quite sure we will do it again!!   

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