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Friday, September 16, 2011

Ain't Nothin Gonna Break My Stride, Nobody's Gonna Slow Me Down

And in the words of Matthew Wilder...
Oh No~ I've got to keep on Movin'!!!!!

Jonah is doing Cross Country this year for 8th grade since he decided not to go out for football.  He didn't think he wanted to do it, but Tony told him it would be a great character builder and would get him more in shape for basketball.  He has had 2 meets and has done really well.  He ran a time of 13 minutes 11 seconds on Tuesday and got 23rd place out of 256 and yesterday he shaved a few seconds off his time and got 13 minutes 8 seconds.  I am very proud of him and the work ethic he shows for anything he tries!

Lining up....

And they're off!!

Jonah's friend Riley who as Jonah says is "Beast".  He got 5th place both meets!  Way to go Riley!!  

Here he is coming up to the finish line, I was cheering and told him to push it and he really did!!

Proud of you Jonah!

And I am even prouder of the fact that after we got home he let me take his picture!!!  Love this kid!!
Don't let anybody slow you down !!

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